When you live somewhere as beautiful as San Diego, sometimes the right decision is just staying home for the holidays. Whether you’re hosting 50 people or enjoying some time to yourself, we’re here to help you maximize how you enjoy your living space. If you’re going to watch It’s a Beautiful Life for the 20th time, why not watch it on a new home theater system? Or play your favorite holiday tunes throughout the house to set the ambiance. When you move the party outside, what if you could take your friends and family to an outdoor living area, completely wired and ready to go?

Every day, our expert team is finding new ways to make technology enhance the daily living experience of our customers. We can automate your systems to be controlled from a smartphone or single device. Lighting, music, mood? Set the tone without even getting up.

We’d be happy to discuss how you can take your “home for the holidays” experience to the next level this year – just ask!

Happy Holidays from the Bulldog AV team!