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We would be happy to help you determine if your hardware can be serviced remotely. Please contact Bulldog to enroll in Bulldog Protects and we will first confirm that your system qualifies for the remote support option before starting your participation. Email us at or call (760)613-7506 now to find out more!

Ideally, yes. Here’s why: if Bulldog AV installed your system, then we know that we can provide you with our expected level of service. If you added components without us, no problem, just let us know and we will be happy to assess on a case-by-case basis.

Anything you have that we offer remote support on is included in Bulldog Protects.  Often, remote support resolutions involve using multiple remote resources to solve the problem anyhow!

No! Your privacy is always a top priority with all Bulldog systems. Your privacy exposure and our level of access to your systems does not change. What Bulldog Protects does is leverage your system’s existing remote capabilities when you need them most. 


During COVID or other periods where you desire privacy or coordinating an in-person appointment is not convenient, this option helps reduce traffic in and out of your home or business.

Bulldog puts community health above all. We have immediately addressed COVID-19 for our customers and team in a number of ways:

  • We have launched our new maintenance services offerings – featuring numerous remote services – TODAY!
  • In the short term, we only enter properties when absolutely unavoidable. When we do, we are taking a number of precautionary measures, including: 
    • Sending technicians out individually
    • Taking technician temperatures 2x
    • Requesting any employees who do not feel 100% to stay home 2+ weeks
    • Our technicians wear face masks and gloves
    • Our technicians practice social distancing
    • Technicians disinfect surfaces (where possible) before and after work is done.  
  • Ongoing projects are being managed on a case-by-case basis based on project needs, time frames, and safety in order to prioritize customer and technician health.  Where most of these projects are new construction and can be accomplished effectively within our guidelines, we are doing so. If you have questions about your project specifically, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes (if your system is remote-capable, that is!) Bulldog Protects is a support service offered to help you enjoy your technology system and keep it running in optimal condition at all times.

Any Bulldog AV technology package can be upgraded and on site service will be provided within the scope of your current wiring plan. During COVID, we are not offering new  mounting or wiring, but if you are equipped for expansion, we’re ready to do it for you, and can accomplish this remotely! 

Reach out to us any time to discuss your best options!

Contact us today and we’ll discuss what you need, help you select the best options, and get you on the schedule for a system upgrade as soon as appropriate. Call us at (760) 613-7506 or email us any time.

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